About Us

Zars Media is a women-centred firm set up to highlight women’s leadership contributions across all careers in all business sectors. Our goal is to empower women and encourage them to reach their full potential within industry and business by recognizing and honouring their achievements. We strive to bring together women with drive, energy and passion, through our awards and leadership programs.

1. Encourage women to develop their skills by recognising their success within Industry and Business.
2. Use the unique platform provided by Zars Media’s awards programs to inspire others to emulate these role models.
3. Elevate the level of awareness, acceptance and visibility of women and the talents they have to offer not just to the companies they work for but within the economy as a whole.
4. Help companies create a culture that celebrates and publicizes women’s success stories within and outside their companies.

Our ambition is to inspire generations of working women by acknowledging and recognizing their talents, achievements and contribution to companies and the global economy as a whole.

What Makes Us Unique
What makes Zars Media unique is our desire to drive progress and accountability for women’s advancement within all sectors of business and industry, public or private. We celebrate their achievements and believe that by celebrating their success businesses benefit from the confidence and experience gained and the desire to aim for the next milestone. This platform will also inspire the next generation of women to achieve and contribute to your business.